Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hey Everyone I've been researching some of the Texas Perpatrators and their familys in the Dallas / fort Worth Texas area. The names are Christopher Todd Doss, Mr. Doss is FBI Narcotics - Look his bio up on line Karen Doss , Karen and her lover James Baxter jr are selling this equipment or trading it for drugs. Last address was 616 Linda Ln, Crowley Texas Carla Doss Wilson and Charlie Doss Wilson are also selling this equipment, last knowen address was 3805 Arnold Drive, Fort Worth, Texas David Wayne McDonald and Leslie Wayne McDonald are related to the above Doss / Wilson family and currently live at 3805 Arnold Drive, Fort Worth, Texas with Rachel McDonald and Sonia McDonald John Wilson jr. also lives near by at 3817 Arnold Drive and is also involved in sells of this equipment. James Baxter Sr, owns Nova Technoliges located at 311 West Vickery Blvd, Fort Worth, Texas. This company designs electronic warfare equipment for the US government and with karens father covering for them is the most likly place to start investigating. There is much more info coming. The perps recently stoled several disk and flash drives which contained more recent address's on their family members along with other information. they have also posted a nude pic of me on line some where so anyone finding this drop me a line as I would like to make sure my hair was combed Tracy G or

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