Saturday, October 4, 2008

October 03, 2008 Harassment Update

Oct. 03, 2008
Harassment log

The harassment continues even on the road. That’s right folks, the Mid City Molesters club as I have been calling them are out in force stalking me again while working. We are presently in the Saint Joseph Mo area and will be around here until I load tomorrow morning, then we will be going to Wal-Mart #6082 on Sterlin Hurley PK, Clarksville, AR for 0300 delivery 10/05/08 then on to TIAN TIAN in Houston, TX 10/06/08 for 0700 1515 Herbert Street, and finally Long Hing in Stafford TX at 13366 Murphy rd. 10’06/08 for 0900 delivery. Any one in these areas should be aware and listen to your am/fm since I am still be played across the airwaves, you never know what you might just hear.

According to the V2K the last couple days, Robert is going to be pissed when he gets out ( parole violation got him a few months) and I would be too since his best friend has been f***ing his women since, well day one it sounds like and the reason he went to jail after only being with her for two months was a set up so she could get rich. What a gal.

Now they were obviously drunk when they started running their mouth the other night (must have been at the bar in Savanna, OK. Across from the fuel stop) and she finally admitted that SHE was the one financing this whole harassment endeavor, that she hates me (she’s been trying to convince me that she loves me and has for a long time and how she wished she would have just came to me before all this) and is willing to spend every last dime to set me up. She was even yelling at one of her hired hands when he asked her “why don’t you just leave the S.O.B. alone” and she yelled “because I hate that son of a bitch”. Damn and I thought she was just trying to get me to notice her.

Well it turns out that Terry or Richard (the names heard) pushed one of their rape victims down a flight a stairs about a month ago. This would be the night my neighbor across the road with the white pick-up (video on under user name FTW76140, videos title my neighborhood) came out about 1am, started his truck and went back inside, then a few minutes later Richard comes from across the street and drives off with this guys pick-up. This is very strange to myself, I mean if someone wanted to borrow your ride, why would you start it for them, leave it running in your own drive way and walk off ? Why not just hand them the keys?

Well prior to this I heard through the microwave hearing shit a very loud noise such as someone running (or falling) up or down some stairs, followed by someone asking what the hell happened and a male replied “I pushed her down the stairs”. More conversation pertaining to “we have to get her to a doctor now, she needs medical attention” and a male in a very loud tone saying “No we can’t, Tracy will know it was us” and then some one saying you better get out of here and the male saying “how I don’t have my car here”. So the blond white male that took off in the guy across the streets truck must be the one that did the deed. I saw this same male in 2005 at the scene of another incident that I reported. I have also seen the younger blond female hanging out a few times with the same neighbor.

Something comes to mind while writing this up and that is “did Robert take a rap for his brother Richard or was it the boss lady that was the reason?”. I can see either one happening, hell you might want to protect your brother if you knew he wouldn’t make it inside very well and most men would take the rap for their wife or lover if they could. Guess we’ll have to wait and see as I’m sure the truth behind this and other questions will be brought out during all this harassment bullshit.

If I’m hearing things right my phone is still being redirected to Jill Sero. It seems someone has been trying to contact me and I’m never home. Well just for the record folks, I am the only person that answers my phone. My number 682 465 8895 cell.

Thanks for reading.
Tracy Givens

Photo site. This just shows who ride is parked where basically.

Video site

All names and events are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. Anyone with information on this crime should contact your nearest law enforcement agency with that information.