Sunday, July 15, 2007

More Stalkers and Harassers tags

July 15,2007


Below are a few more of my local perps tag numbers, feel free to look them up. I will be posting more information about these and the others already posted when I have time to run the background checks. As mentioned before not all listed here are USING the electronic equipment BUT everyone of these must have knowledge of the harassment since when they pass by me they are ALL giving me the I’m f***ing with you hand jester so I feel the world should know just what outstanding citizens they really are.

Taken 07/02/07


M55 PZY Tx / Burgundy SUV

Taken 07/13/07

P89 VTX Tx

202 KWD Tx

884 RMP Tx

Taken 07/14/07

W15 BCW Tx

812 MXG Tx

Sunday, April 1, 2007

These people are bold enough to stalk and harass me

These people are bold enough to stalk and harass me so if you are having stalking troubles around Fort Worth, Texas you should look at this. If you know any of these names or plates please share I still need address on some. Stalking and electronic harassment are on the rise and destroy hundreds of lives every year, lives of good people. Please do your part to stop it. Contact me at

008-DMP TX 09/?/2005
038-DVW TX 9/?/2005

1CK-K20 TX Gold P/U
2FL-J84 TX 3744 Arnold Ft worth, 76140 9/2005

37F-JB1 TX VIN# 1D7HA18N14S704889 2004/DODG P/U
Stephany K Elliott 3812 Arnold Drive Fort Worth TX 76140

3TN WZ TX Handicap plate @ 3822 Royal Crest Drive 2005
Perpetrators doctor?

407-BSW TX pointing at me saying look theris that guy mid 2005
47C-BS2 TX White P/U 03/21/2007

531-GGG TX VIN# JN1HJ01F5PT112369 1993/NISS MGX Gold 4DR
Rachel R Rohm 603 So Parkway #26 Alvarado TX 76009 9/21/2005
prev tag N11-JRL TX

533-PZS TX VIN# 1FABP38S9HK166809 1987/FORD TPS 4DR
Thomas Littleford Katherine C Littleford Po Box 3106 Silverdale Wa 98383 9/21/2005
unit 131 Bonaventure Blvd sept 2005

565-CXV TX VIN# 1G4HP52K05U283084 2005/BUIC LCF 4DR
PV Holding Corp PO Box 610530 DFW APO Tx 75261 9/21/2005
Kennadale, Texas sept 14 2005 1800hr

590-CJT TX VIN# 3C3AY55E15T265586 2005/CHRY TEP Maroon CV
Daniel Gonzalez 5515 Independence Ave Arlington Tx 76017 8/3/2005
taking film of my son and his friend while they were driving up I-35, when I showed up and ask him why, his reply was he just likes to film his day. I list this here just feeling it right to do so but not saying he was involved in any thing but what he said, unlike the others listed here.

5PK-W93 TX VIN# 1GCEC19W4VE140802 1997/CHEV C15 PK
Armando Pena Rosales 6309 Nell Street Fort Worth TX 76119 9/21/2005
Kennadale Texas 09/14/2005

C46-NDH TX VIN# 2BFK4134JR656145 1988/DODG LL
Amanda Cooke 210 PR 3633 Springtown Tx 76082 9/13/2005
131 Bonaventure Blvd Sept 13 2005

C73-KHH TX VIN# 1N4AB41D4WC704075 1998/NISS SEN 4DR
Carolyn A Anderson 3608 Arnold Drive Fort Worth Tx 76140 9/13/2005

COKER1 TX VIN# 1C3EL46X62N339509 2002/CHRY SLX Black 4DR
Edward Coker 3816 Arnold Drive Fort Worth Tx 76140 8/3/2005

D38-DLK TX VIN# 1FALP13P1VW395016 1997/FORD EST 4DR
Antonio Acosta 7005 Norma Street Fort Worth TX 76112 9/13/2005
This is more then a stalker

DN 43H TX Geenish van 03/23/2007 1050hr

F80-SDS TX VIN# 1FAFP53U3XG309986 1999/FORD TSE 4DR
Patricia Boyd 508 Hensley Drive Grand Prairie Tx 75050 9/21/2005
Kennadale Texas 09/14/2005

K64-ZFV TX VIN# 1G1JF52T517213504 2001/CHEV CAS 4DR
Carresa J Kaczmarczyk 3720 Arnold Drive Fort Worth Tx 76140 9/13/2005

LPV-C73 TX Kennadale Texas 09/14/2005
L75-WDF TX 09/?/2005

P17-FVN TX VIN# 1FMCU22X1PUC37361 1993/FORD EPR Maroon PU 2DR
Yvonne Culmsee 1921 Knoxville Drive Bedford Tx 76022 9/13/2005
131 Bonaventure Blvd 09/13/2005

P44-YZC TX VIN# KMHWF25S72A614003 2002/HYUN SON Maroon 4DR
Mary Ann Navarro Jose R Navarro 15034 Gwendolyn ElN Paso Tx 79938 8/3/2005

P34-TDS TX White Van

R44-GJV TX 131 and 135 Bonaventure Blvd, fort worth tx 09/20/2005 1000hr

R58-SYG TX VIN# 1N4AL11D82C249222 2002/NISS ALT 4DR
Crystal D Beserra 3501 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth TX 76140 8/3/2005

R91-CYH TX VIN# 1FMDU32X8RUC35314 1994/FORD EPR White 4DR
Earl R Elliott Stephany K Elliott 3812 Arnold Drive Fort Worth TX 76140

S67-NFK TX VIN# 2FMZA5148WBD14291 1998/FORD VAN White SW
Hunberto Lopez 2312 Greyzon Fort Worth Tx 76106 9/13/2005

S88-MTJ TX Olive Green Mini Van

T47-CFX TX DK GR SUV Officer Buchanan's ? 09/13/2005. I am not sure what this guy is doing dressed in a fort worth police uniform since his family are involved in harassment like this, and from what I can tell so is he, then there's the fact the FWPD say they looked into the rape and possible murder, but how could that be, I have found more information on line in 30 minutes then they dug up in 30 days.


W03-GHS TX VIN# 5T23A538494 1965/MERC 2DR
Theodore Vaine 3rd 3720 Arnold Drive Fort Worth Tx 76140

W65-ZWR TX VIN# 1HGEJ2123SL058556 1995/HOND UCD 2DR
Maria P Herrera 1848 Coral Road Azle TX 76020 9/13/2005
name cross's with fischer-elliott-harrington.

X80-ZDM TX VIN# 1B4GP44R3TB394898 1996/DODG VAN 4DR
Reginaldo Toj PO Box 40079 Fort Worth TX 76140
one that throw out victim on Arnold Dr. Read post heard them rape...through the microwave haering

3401 Royal Crest Drive

Z11-CVC TX 03/22/2007 1050hrs

8TG6W TX 7/30/2005
This is the main perp. I will be updating this very soon.

60R-TB1 TX

674-MRB OK Red Silvarado P/U 05/27/2005

701-LRM TX 03/2007
722-MNX TX

822-DWG TX Gold 08/16/2005 1027hr
864-IJM Ark Green

8ZM-C27 TX
9NS-B49 TX


heard them rape a couple women and a child through the MICROWAVE HEARING

Because I am heard them rape a couple women and a child through the MICROWAVE HEARING the local police (FWPD) have done nothing because of this families involvement with LAW ENFORCEMENT, even after these women and children have disappeared. I feel every one should know what's going on in the Forest Hill, Everman Texas area, zoned Fort Worth really.

The following entitled, Electronic Harassment, Misuse of Technology, Abuse of Power and Authority submitted by ME to the FWPD DEC. 2006. I have tried to file complaints of harassment since May 2003, today is April 2007 and still this group of sexual predators are lose on our streets being protected by their family ties. This is very long, as are most the other posts, but once completed it should show the facts.

The following are notes from September 2005 between the dates of the (13) thirteenth and the (26) twenty-sixth and have to do with the electronic harassment I am subjected to and a party held here in my neighborhood. The perpetrators of this crime are arrogant for several reasons, one would be the fact they are harassing me with microwave hearing and surveillance equipment, knowing its hard to get most law enforcement to listen because of the nature of the harassment, another the simple fact they have gotten away with this and all types of crimes for so long now. In fact they are so arrogant that they broadcast the sound(s) of them raping two young girls through the microwave hearing on the night of September 12, 2005 and continued broadcasting this in the following days. It seems they take hostages.

Now if it wasn’t for the fact that I went out that morning just to see for my self who was where I would blow this off as an attempt to make me look unstable and just another part of their sick harassment techniques, like the day after when they dressed one of their wife's in a xxx one piece and stood her out side their home with a dog collar on and her hands bond by a dog leash, but what I saw with my own eyes that morning and the police report made (see “people how participate” blog bottom of post) along with the ambulance(s) that showed up, the Jane Doe showing up at John Peter Smith Hospital, the hit and run victim in the greater Dallas, Texas area a couple days later, and a few more things that seem to fit together in this same time frame, well I can not dismiss it as false and feel its my civic duty as both a citizen and a victim to report this.

September 12, 2005, 2030hrs
I hear a couple males and female talking about how they need some “chicks” to come over and one male saying
(Male voice) “Why don't you call Rene and see if she’ll come over”?
(Female voice) “She probably wont”
(Male) “Go see anyway, tell her you have something for her or what ever, just get her to come over”
(Female) “All right, I’ll tell her something”

Now what I heard was the sound of them having a party, laughter in the background, music and I hear two males talking and one is saying
(Male 1) “Here take this”
(Male 2) “What’s this for”?
(Male 1) “ Take her car and park it around the corner”.

I believe this to be Rene M. vehicle, a light bluish colored 2 door Pontiac sun fire, and the same one that was parked in front of the residence at 3608 Arnold Street the next day. It stayed there for a couple days and then disappeared. What I noticed about this vehicle was that the back plate was missing and the front plate was hanging by one screw like some one was in a hurry when putting it on. I did run the plate number and it came back to the homeowner Carole B. Anderson but did not match the vehicle. I did stop and check the VIN and it matches the documents that I found at the car wash on Forest Hill Drive approximately 1.5 to 2.0 miles north from the location the morning of the 13th with the exception of the tag number. According to the document(s) recovered, X35-LVR Texas belonged on this vehicle and lists the address just up the street in Everman, Texas.

This is also the same car wash that I witnessed whom I believe to be Curtis Anderson throwing things in a trash can while parked in a dark stall at the far south end. I would like to note there were several other stalls that had lights but yet this person was parked in the dark. This was around 0510hrs September 13, 2005.

I hear this female voice yelling
“What did you mother f***ers do with my car?”
“I didn’t do anything with your car”
“You mother f***ers stole my car god damn-it and I want my f***ing car back now”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
They turned down their transmitting of the microwave hearing crap about this time and/or moved out of the room they were in so I didn’t hear the rest of what was said.

September 13, 2005, 0012hrs
I hear a male yelling “Where’s my son you f***ing bitch” and what sounded like a very loud slap followed by the same voice yelling again the same thing “Where’s my son” and then the male prep (same voice as earlier) saying in a hurried tone, “we don’t know where your son is, she didn't have him when she got here”. And then the second preps voice “what are we supposed to do with her” and the stranger looking for his son saying “I don’t give a f*** what you do to her, I want my f***ing son”. This person looking for the child could have been David J but who ever it was they had a child together. There was more said, sounds of female crying and more yelling but I couldn’t keep track of it all.

I can hear two males and a female talking about how close that was and asking where was the boy. The main prep says “he’s in there asleep” so they must have been at both house’s earlier and the victim in this case felt safe enough to leave her child to run around the corner for what ever reason, or someone moved her child to a different location as not much else makes sense. She obviously didn't expect a set up.

I hear a female crying very hard and saying “I wont tell any one I just want to go home” and then a male talking in a soft voice saying “Ok, its ok, just come here first“, then the female crying even harder and saying “no please I just want to go home, I wont tell any body I promise“ and then a different male voice saying “did you stick that in her“, and then a female voice laughing and saying “Oh my god, you didn’t use that did you” and then the first male laughing and saying “its alright she liked it, didn’t you“.

All the while I can still hear this female crying in the back ground and then yet another deeper sounding female starts yelling “every time you get on that shit its the same f***ing thing god damn it, do you mother f***ers know what you’ve done?” Male “we’re going to take care of it as soon as Richard gets here”, “well you better take care of it god damn it just look at that shit, she's bleeding all over our couch, look at that shit, you mother f***ers better get her the f*** out of this house“ and then a male said “we just called Richard he’s on his way“.

I heard the male saying
“F*** it just let her lay there”.
“We gotta get her out of here; she‘s pissed and wants us out now” (female)
“We will when Richard gets here”

I heard a female saying “Richards here”. I then hear a male asking “what the hell did you guys do to her“ and the first male saying how much she liked it, then I can hear them talking about how they have to get her up and that they had given her something but I could not make out what the word was, but any way they were trying to get her up asking her if she could stand, and the female asking can she walk. Then the talk turned to what they were going to do with the victim. Female said “why don’t we just put her in the roadway and hit her with a car like the other one“. This to myself implies this is not the first time they have participated in a crime of murder or hit and run.

Another male with a deeper sounding voice showed up. The talk was about what they had done to her and how they were going to cover it up. From the sounds of it the victim was still undressed as they were making comments about her body and a female was saying “look at that, you mother f***ers get her the hell out of my house right now” and how she had bleed all over the couch and floor, the comment was made by a male “we’ll have to get rid of the couch“.

I would like to document that after the sun came up that morning September 13, 2005 at approximately 0700hrs I went back out to retrieve what ever was thrown in the trash at the car wash and across the street near the entrance to the trailer park 7700 forest hill drive was an old greenish looking couch and all the cushions were missing. It did appear to be worn and stained. I myself could not tell if it was blood or not but this simple fact should be enough to support that the events took place.

Also between the time frame of 0200hrs and 0400hrs while they were deciding what to do with the one victim there was talk of what to do with the boy and the male voice says “I'm going to use this on him” and one of the others there was asking “your going to f*** him with that thing” and the reply was “yea, why not”. Now wither he did or not is unclear but the simple fact he said that implies he would be capable of harming a child and that the rest of the group would allow this type of activity. I feel they raped both Maria and Rene but may have kept Rene for a few days.

There were cry's and screams and a female voice that I believe to be the victim saying “no, please no it hurts”. They were taking shit to her (at least three different voices) telling her she better get her ass up and she better not say anything or they would kill her mother, the female was screaming this at her and said “Do you understand me bitch, If you tell anyone I’ll kill your f***ing mother, do you understand me“ and then a male said “leave her alone, we’re going to move her across the street” and the female again “that bitch better not say anything god damn-it or I’ll kill her and her f***ing mother”

I went for a drive around the neighborhood and when I got to the corner of Forest Hill and Royal Crest Drive there was a vehicle parked at the corner, on the property at 3400 Royal Crest Drive. The reason I noticed this vehicle was when my head lights passed over it there was movement inside the car (someone laying low or ducking) and after I turned to go south I heard a horn blow, looking in my mirror I saw someone sitting in the seat. The hair looked like a fro or somewhat of that nature but it was dark and I was viewing this through my rear view mirror. I believe this person could have been Curtis but could have been any number of persons. The reason I say Curtis is because it was his home the blue sun fire was parked at before it disappeared.

I proceeded south turning around up at the store and when approaching the trailer park what looked like a gold car with plate number 531-GGG and what looked like a blue Saab with partial plate V56-*** Texas pulled right out in front of me leaving the trailer park so I followed them north to the intersection of 820 and forest hill drive where the gold car went east bound and the blue Saab went west. This is when I took their plate numbers. Both drivers were white males. I then turned around to come back home and while passing the car wash on forest hills drive I witness whom I believe to have been Curtis A. vehicle sitting in a darken stall, he was out side with the door open and appeared to be cleaning out his car. In a darken stall, when three other stalls had light. This was approximately 0510hrs. Also I have found out since then that the plate number 531-GGG Texas is registered to Rachel Rohm and Richard Rohm a convicted sex offender is related and live with in a few 30 minute drive. I can not say if this is the same Richard they were referring to but feel I could identify them if photo is provided. (Which it has not been by the FWPD) Also the name comes back to Rohm & Hass a big name around the world.

I kept on driving towards my home and when passing the trailer park I noticed the red flashing lights so I drove through the trailer park where I witnessed what looked like an Hispanic female being treated in the rear of the ambulance and three marked units forest hill and ft. worth police both at the scene. It was later that day I retrieved the police report number 50114122 09/12/05 and found that it was a domestic call. The owner was Chris Montgomery; the victim was Marie O.

I had tried to call a detective with the ft. worth police but my phone kept going dead and i could not get a dial tone so I went to the pay phone up the street and tried to call from there. While using the pay phone I would get a dial tone, start dialing and then it would just go dead. At first I though it was just a bad phone so tried the other one and it did the same thing. At this point I witnessed a green SUV much like a bronco two, dark green in color sitting in the parking lot of CVS pharmacy just across the street from where I was tiring to use the phone. They were not parked in a parking spot but rather sitting up next to the curb parallel to Forest Hill Drive. I now believe this to be Fort Worth police officer Michael Lewis Buchanan age 26 and related to the Strickland familys This is the tag number T47-CFX TX DK GR SUV taken 09/13/2005

The following took place later that day and in the days that followed. I would like to document that between the dates of Sept. 13 and Sept. 26 of 2005 I had tried to call the Texas Rangers office (Ft. Worth number) Keith Denning several times to look into this situation because they would not have to deal with local politics. To this date I have still not spoken with Ranger Denning even after leaving many messages to call me. Why?

I feel my phone calls may have been redirected for several reasons. I called my own phone number and a female answered it, when I asked whom I was talking to the phone went dead, I could not get a dial tone when trying it a second time. I also tried to dial 911 right after this but could not get a dial tone. I did the same thing a couple hours later and could hear in the background (through the microwave hearing crap) a phone ringing and a male say “see who it is”, a female saying in a somewhat excited tone “Oh shit, its Tracy”. The phone just kept ringing and after several minutes I hung up. Now even after I documented this, some thing that can be checked out by pulling phone records, the FWPD have done nothing. Why?

I did recently call the phone company and they said they would have the phone record for all local calls but I would need to have a court order to retrieve it or have some one in law enforcement retrieve it for me. I feel there is more then enough reason for this to be done. I had asked officer M. Lang of the FWPD intel unit to look at this.

Below are the numbers that came up on my caller ID between the dates of Sept. 13, and Sept. 26 of 2005. I had no idea whom they belonged too but have since tracked a couple. What would happen is my phone would ring one time and stop but these numbers showed up. When trying to call them back my phone had no dial tone. Wither are not they have any involvement is unclear at this point. There were several more numbers that showed up also but my notes are missing. Once again this should be easy enough to check.

Darrel Steadman 817 713 6168 --- L. Strickland 817 441 9948 --- Unknown 311 556 3320--

Rodney Gardner (972) 932-4025 --Unknown (432) 523-4951but show to be related to Gardner

Alva J & David L Strickland (903) 784-6573 which just happen to know my ex inlaws

Unknown (415) 656-1073 shows in California

Jose D & Pabla B Avelar (817) 531-1081 (I have recently tracked this name down)

I will point out that a Strickland family is related to the residents (according to at 3801 Arnold Street, Ft. Worth, Texas 76140 which is a suspected address for the harassment. Ronald Dean Strickland, a convicted stalker in Denton County Texas shows to be part of this family as does Royce Reed Strickland a convicted sex offender according to the Texas Department of Public Safety. Whither or not there is a connection I could not say at this time.

Also the name of Michael Lewis Buchanan (slim, dark hair mid 20’s) shows as a relative at this address and I did speak with a Ft. Worth Police officer in mid 2005 that walked out of this yard and asked me why I was writing down his plate number on a dark green SUV or bronco two. This is the vehicle that was parked in the CVS parking lot when trying to call the Rangers office by the way. When speaking with Officer Buchanan I had ask him if this was his home and his reply was no, this is my parents home. I would like to state that he was dressed as a Ft. Worth police cop.

The following are things I remember happening and over hearing through the microwave hearing during this time frame. Since microwave hearing and surveillance is used by some law enforcement personal them self's at times, I see no reason why this should not be investigated. In fact I feel they should be able to identify these perpetrators rather quickly since this family have already admitted to the fact they were watching me and I have witnessed one of the people called Chris at the congressman's office in Arlington, Texas when I went to meet with Representative Ron White. He was meeting with Mr. White when I arrived for my meeting and walked past me when leaving the offices. I have witnessed this same individual talking to my neighbors in the past and going to a residence in the 3800 to 3900 block of Royal Crest Drive where his kids live.

Sept. 16, 2005
They are taunting me and saying they still have two females and using them to clean house and for sex. I guess this would be when they are not being beaten, as at times I can hear females crying very hard and the perpetrators yelling obstinacies at them. Also they claim to have all but blinded one they call Sharon, saying they stepped on her face, burnt her several times, forced her to write and cash hot checks for them. One mention of this was a check that belonged to Rene, taken out of her purse the night of the party and close to $1000. I myself have no way of knowing if this is true but my guess would be it is.

The same female with the deep voice is saying she was forced to help and made to hold the camera while they raped these other females. And the other female, much younger sounding says she just likes the idea of being in control and beating up the victims. They say the old man just likes to fondle the young girl and watch the others. When I mentioned that I will find some one to look into this they laughed, and then the older sounding female says “well I don’t know what they do up stairs, they play their music so damn loud“. Well it narrows down the possibilities right there as there are only 4 or 5 two story homes in the neighborhood.

I did notice a white male, slim with dark hair leaving the residence at 3808 (third home east of Eric on south side) early this morning carrying what looked at first like a shoe box but just a little bigger. He was looking into it kind of like he had a puppy in it but I feel it could have been a fetus. The reason I say this is because I heard them saying they didn't know that she was 16 years old and they had no idea that she was pregnant also, and how the fetus just fell out after they raped her and that she started freaking out so they shot her up with something to calm her down. I would like to note that there was an over dose victim found at the comfort inn in Forest Hills some where around mid 2005 or so I heard, probably has nothing to do with this group but then again if it did happen and was a female victim it should be looked at.

This morning I hear someone they called by the name of Richard talking about what had happened and that people saw him and Chris move the woman across the street to the trailer park where the report was made. There was also the mention of bodies found. “Do you know how many body’s they have found in between here and California?” and then “Well you guys have to get her out of here now”. This last comment implies they were still holding someone and that someone was a female. Around 0900hrs a White Dodge Caravan left the neighborhood from he far east end of Royal Crest Dr. The same white male described above was driving. It was later in the day that I heard a female saying “that was him, he made it alright and it only took him about 5 1/2 hours”.

They are talking plenty of shit right now because I can not do much about this crime since I heard it all through the microwave hearing crap. They are saying that they f***ed Sharon up because she was good looking and the female burnt her hand, hair and eye because of this. Female was saying “see how pretty she is now, I'll bet Tracy won’t think your so pretty anymore bitch”. Now wither or not this is the same Sharon I don’t know, but I did meet a Sharon at a motel in Arlington, Texas off of 360 and avenue J in mid 2002. She come to my room and drank a beer and while there a black dude (tall, slim, short hair) knocked on the door asking for her by name. She left saying she would be back. When she returned she seemed upset and we talked a bit. She told me she had come down to Texas with her boyfriend from Minnesota and that he had left her on the street. She said she had to survive and had been arrested by the Arlington Police and was out on bond. She also said that the ones helping her with her legal work (bondsman) must feel like she is there own private whore because they are always looking for her and wanting sex.

At one point a female started screaming the name Stowler saying to call her father, his name was Harvey in St. Petersburg, Florida and her mother in St. Paul, Minnesota. That her father had money and would help me track these people down. I was having a very hard time getting the spelling right and still may not have it right but she screamed “like rowing a boat” so that could be Schorman or Schulling something like that, but it was hard to hear exactly what was said over the crying and shouting between the group and the victim and then the deep sounding female screaming “I’ll shut that bitch up” and it went quite except for them taunting me and saying “See Tracy doesn’t care or he would come and get you“ and other things along this line. At this same time a different sounding female voice started shouting and describing what the attackers looked like and said one was a round, bald older guy with a big birth mark on his face and looked like uncle fester, another looked like Eddie Munster slim with dark hair, one of the females was blond and around 5’5” and another was older with dark hair and big boned. The loss of my notebook hampers this part, but it all went quite except for an electronic whining high pitched sound.

Sept. 20, 2005 0800hrs
What I heard were what sounded like them slapping some female around and I can hear her crying and yelling “f*** you” and trying to fight back from the sounds of it, yelling she is at the third house from the corner and then yelling they are at the corner house. About ten minutes after the yelling stopped it started again but with a different sounding female yelling “what did you do to my baby” and a male telling her to shut the f*** up. She was crying very hard now and kept yelling “what did you do to my baby” and then “I want to know what you did, I heard Tracy say you killed her and I want to know where she is”. At this point a male said “I sent her to her fathers out in California” the female “that’s bullshit, I called out there and he said he hasn’t heard from her” male “you did what?” Female “I called out there and she not there he hasn‘t heard from her” male “well maybe she just hasn’t got there yet, I took her to the bus station” female still yelling “you mother f**ers, I want to know what you did with my daughter” male “I killed her alright” female “you what?” Male “I killed her just like Tracy said” female crying hard still “you mothers f***ers killed my daughter?” and he said yea and we throw her over a bridge. The modulation was turned down at this point and I did not hear any more from them for awhile.

I would like to point out that there used to be a tiny white girl, looked 14 to 16 years about 5’ tall maybe 100lbs that lived at 3801 Arnold I believe with whom I guess was her mother 5’9” maybe and 120lbs drove a old compact with body damage and a bad battery I would guess since they always had to jump it. This may not be the woman in question but it would match and i have not seen either of them since this time.

Sept. 23, 2005, 1530hrs
I just dialed my own number and a female answered the phone. When I asked who is this the phone went dead again. Once again I could not get a dial tone for some hours. This is twice now this has happened.

Sept. 24, 2005 approximately 1900hrs
I noticed out my bedroom window which faces east on to Eric street the Green Mini Van driven by a white male with dark hair mid 20’s driving very fast around the corner and then on to Arnold Drive. At any rate I was on my way out and when I pulled to the corner of Eric and Arnold I noticed an ambulance making a pick up. They seemed to be working on someone in the back and there was a black male with what looked like prosthetic legs standing on the sidewalk next to the ambulance with a black female and minor child.

Sept. 25, 2005
Talk about how hard he had slapped a female. Two males talking saying “what did you do”, all I did was slap her, I didn’t think I hit her that hard”, well she’s going to need medical attention” “ no she doesn’t” “yea, she does and you better get her to a f***ing doctor pretty quick”. Later I heard them talking and now there was a female present with a deep voice asking what had happened and the male said he slapped her for spilling his drink and the female said will it was pretty hard slap because it took something like 113 stitches to close her back up. So according to this there should be a report of a young female getting medical treatment described in the area around this same time.

At one point I over heard them saying the doctors are starting to wonder what’s going on and how they were going to have to stop beating her like that. This was the deep voiced female talking. I can not say who the “her” is that they were referring to here but feel it would be a younger female. Perhaps family services would have a listing of complaints from this area that might prove helpful.

Also around this same time frame they found a female hit and run victim in the greater Dallas, Texas area. One of the females was saying “It was so cool, when he hit her, she got caught in the grill and he drug her” a male in the background also saying “yea, it was bad ass, you should have seen it dude”. Now wither or not this has anything to do with this group is unclear but the comment alone is enough to make me wonder.

Talk about how they were cited by the city police for having the wrong tags on his car. I believe this happened twice within a year and from what I heard they tried saying that they worked for a Private Investigator but when he could not produce any form of proof they cited him. This was in 2005 but I do not have the exact date(s) but might be able to get close.

Sounds of a young child yelling “My mom needs a doctor” and the male saying “well guess what, your mom aint getting no f***ing doctor”

Phone repair truck was seen at the 3808 Royal Crest Drive and also went further down the street. I did see a little black girl that lived there running back and forth across the street a couple times a day for a few days and through the microwave hearing crap I heard a male say “I don‘t like her going over there all the time“ and female “well if you hadn’t have torn the phone out of the wall like that she wouldn‘t have to”.

Also I heard them say that the home was such a mess a couple days later and how there was shit all over the floor. I witnessed the people that live on Arnold Street “Benjamin's flooring” show up with a pressure washer and several people went into the same home. This was closer to the 26th of Sept.

Deep voiced female saying “let me see your hand” and then a female screamed. A male asking “what did you do to her” and the female said “I just burnt her hand a little bit, next time she better do what I tell her” Later that same day I heard them talking about kicking “her” in the face and the comments were “what did you do that for?” “because Tracy thinks she’s pretty so I made it so no man would want her” “man leave the bitch alone for awhile” and the female “don't you think she’s pretty know?”

There was a comment made that a neighbor had asked why that girl was always with his doctor when he come by. And another comment made recently when reading my notes that “oh my god, that’s the one we kept for almost two months”.

End notes

As mentioned these people feel they can get away with anything because they are using the microwave equipment and their family ties with law enforcement. It seems because I am hearing them abuse women and children through the microwave hearing it does not count for any thing, or at least not yet but I feel I must report what is happening for when the time comes they can be prosecuted and jailed for their many crimes.

Now this group of individuals have admitted to making false arrests of prostitutes and runaways and forcing them to have sex and have even admitted keeping several woman hostages for this same purpose. The longest reference made to this so far has been three years and the exact words mentioned were “Chris and them kept a women for almost three years once”. There was also the mention of keeping a young female for almost two months this past year (2005) before throwing her out of the van. An investigation into this matter needs to been done and might uncover where some of our missing persons have gone.

This group make continues comments about a web page they run and while never saying the exact site name they refer to Sadomasochism and references to consumption junction which is a porn site for twisted minds. I myself have witnessed one of their wifes, a large Hispanic female with her hands tied in front of her with a dog leash or strap but felt they were just trying to further harass me at the time since they were standing out in the open and looking this way. This was between 13 and 26 of Sept. 2005

This was in front of the home at 3825 Royal Crest Drive 76140 Tommy L Crockett (or looked to be from my view from our home) and the same address I’ve noticed the older white male referred to as Chris standing in the driveway on more then one occasion. There was also one that looked to be sitting is a wheel chair there with three or four others while this was going on. I feel this is the one whose doctor comes by daily and may live across the street if not at the same location. I have also witnessed this same person referred to as Chris at several other location and speaking with neighbors, as well as installing something behind our home in the neighbors yard here in late 2002 just before the electronic attacks to my body started.

The Jane Doe arrived at John Peter Smith Hospital Sept. 15, 2005 around 1930hrs. This would be about 30 minutes after I witnessed the green mini van described above speed around the corner and an ambulance show up on Arnold Street around 3816. Also the hit and run victim in the greater Dallas area was about this time. As noted above, mention was made how cool it was. Wither or not this group are responsible is yet to be seen but they were bragging about it.

After watching this for a very long time it looks like a few will go around the neighborhood and tell the residence that they are working undercover trying to find out information about a specific crime they say you committed and to please not say anything. Then they use their children or the younger members to hang out with the drug users and tell different tales. Some of the older or more permanent residences have been hearing this same sad song concerning myself for years now and I feel by asking a few questions you will get several different versions of who these people are and what they claim to be doing.

At least one previous address for this group was Rodney and Kim Gardner, Forest Hill Apartments, 2107 Lincoln Drive Arlington, Texas 76011 apartment number 2044 and they were there in 1995 through 96 at least if not longer. Another previous address is Abram Place Apartments, 1009 w Abrams #10, Arlington, Texas 76010 and this was mid 1986. I have uncovered many more address’s and some of these people move quit often. I have located three with rental histories of 36 to 40 locations in the last 20 years.

people in my neighborhood that actively participate in harassment

The following are people in my neighborhood that either actively participate or have knowledge of the perpetrators using electronics against myself. All listed here have participated in the harassment in one way or the other. Some have even been part of the gang stalking and followed me around the city. Most have criminal records I have found.

The one thing they all have in common is the fact that not one of these good citizens has reported this harassment to the authorities. Perhaps some one should ask them why. If you do let me know what they say. Thanks. The following were current as of Jan. 2007

3400 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Juan Carlos Munoz
FWPD#5082982 07/11/2005 2200 Criminal Mischief Munoz, Carlos Juan
FWPD#60113114 09/27/2006 2352 Violation of Protective Order

3401 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Patrick L Parks
Rone Engineering

3404 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Prayoon June Baxter

3405 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Alejandro & Maria Martinez

3408 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Humberto & Maria Cundapi 817-483-0559

3409 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Dwuaka James-Turner

3412 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 EMC Mortgage Corp
909 Hidden Ridge, Irving, Tx 75038
FWPD#5083024 07/12/2005 0230 Criminal Mischief 3412 Royal Crest Dr Castillo, Rebecco

3416 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Michael M Stenson 817-483-8479 817-478-8243
FWPD#5082994 07/12/2005 0700 Criminal Mischief 3416 Royal Crest Dr, Stenson, Ruth

3417 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Salvador & Reyna Moreno
11201 Pleasant Wood Ln Fort Worth, Tx 76140

3420 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Ricardo Hernandez
FWPD#5066629 06/04/2005 1130 Assault 3420 Royal Crest Dr / Mora, Maria
FWPD#5075717 06/24/2005 2300 Theft 3420 Royal Crest Dr / Valdez, Hector

3424 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 James & Vanessa Tatum

3425 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Alice B Harris

3500 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Dolores Cruz Pecina 817-561-1611
FWPD#5083464 07/11/2005 2200 Criminal Mischief 3500 Royal Crest Dr / Pecino, Delores

3501 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Leonard & Olivia Beserra 817-478-2495
FWPD#5076273 6/26/2005 Other Offense 3501 Royal Crest Dr / Beserra, Leonard

3505 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Arnold Development Corp
625 Donna CT, Burleson, Tx 76028

3507 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Gonzalo & Veronica Rosas 817-561-9470

3509 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Johnie D Rodriguez

3513 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Martha Riggs
3401 Quail Lane, Arlington, Tx 76016 817-446-8110

3516 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Gregory & Patri Jones
Po Box 40192, Fort Worth, Tx 76140
FWPD#60115093 10/02/2006 1634 Forgery 3516 Royal Crest Dr
FWPD#60115093 10/02/2006 1634 Theft-Others 3516 Royal Crest Dr

3517 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Vickie F Baker 817-478-1772

3521 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Charles E Richardson 817-478-6582

3600 Arnold Street Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Daniel Vela 817-478-4837

3600 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Angel N Sutton 817-563-6434

3601 Arnold Street Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Charles A Wallace 817-572-0096

3601 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Dwain & Wanda Thomas

3604 Arnold Street Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Patsy Dell Ellis 817-478-7403

3604 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Bonita & James Hall
711 Peco Street, Lantana, Tx 76226-7354

3605 Arnold Street Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Wanda Sanders
Po Box 40273, Fort Worth, Tx 76140

3605 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Damond L & Felicia Jackson

3608 Arnold Street Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Curtis A & Carolyn Anderson 817-572-3600

3608 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Salvador & Reyna Moreno
11201 Pleasant Wood Ln Fort Worth, Tx 76140

3609 Arnold Street Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Roy Lee & Kathalyn Billups

3609 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Cesar Carlos Martinez

3612 Arnold Street Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Scott R Davidson Family LP
2620 W Arkansas Ln Arlington, Tx 76016
FWPD#50101289 08/12/2005 1615 Auto Theft 3612 Arnold Dr

3612 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Albaro Becerra
3204 Gettysburg Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76123

3613 Arnold Street Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Ricky Carl Haggard
4320 Enchanted Oaks Drive Arlington, Tx 76016

3613 Royal Crest Drive fort Worth, Tx 76140 Fernando Murillo
FWPD#5087980 07/22/2005 2015 Other offense 3613 Royal Crest Dr / Valdez, Myra

3616 Arnold Street Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Eluterio Mendoza

3616 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Juan Ramirez 817-561-6327

3617 Arnold Street Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Chiquita L Mass 817-561-9589

3617 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Denise Darse Hayes 817-563-5789

3620 Arnold Street Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Luciana Armstron

3620 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Donald & Tabitha Murphy
FWPD#70020529 02/21/2007 2250 Juvenile Runaways 3620 Royal Crest Dr
FWPD#70020533 02/21/2007 2250 Theft-Others 3620 Royal Crest Dr
FWPD#60128673 11/03/2006 1747 Juvenile Runaways 3620 Royal Crest Dr

3621 Arnold Street Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Qutub Holleman

3621 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Michael L Moriarty 817-478-7870

3624 Arnold Street Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Benjamin G & Sonia Cordero

3624 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Jerry Sanders Thompson
9312 Cape Royale Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76179

3625 Arnold Street Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Tia Slater 817-561-9204

3625 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Jean Roberson

3700 Arnold Street Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Roger F & Melinda Williams
4540 White Feather Trial Boynton Beach, Fl. 33436

3700 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 James R & Gloria S Baggott

3701 Arnold Street Fort Worth, Tx 76140 George & Ruby Crump 817-483-4001

3701 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Jesus & Leticia Flores 817-561-6348
FWPD#70015870 02/10/2007 0915 Misc City Ordinances 3701 Royal Crest Dr

3704 Arnold Street Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Bonnie L Rush 817-483-0662

3704 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Charles Lee Faries

3705 Arnold Street Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Anita K Moning 817-561-1950

3705 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Bobby J Wortham 817-572-4136

3708 Arnold Street Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Ana Largo

3708 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth Tx 76140 Silversage LTD
2707 Ranger Run Cir Arlington, Tx 76006

3709 Arnold Street Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Jean Yvonne Kelly

3709 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Cletus West Doogs
300 Trinidad Ct, Benbrook, Tx 76126 817-249-1242
FWPD#5054773 05/06/2005 1000 Burglary 3709 Royal Crest Dr / Rojas, Eva
FWPD#5054773 05/09/2005 1000 Burglary 3709 Royal Crest Dr / Rojas, Eva
FWPD#5081374 07/07/2005 1730 Burglary 3709 Royal Crest Dr / Rojas, Eva
FWPD#5081374 07/08/2005 1100 Burglary 3709 Royal Crest Dr / Rojas, Eva
FWPD#50116608 09/15/2005 1130 Burgalry Building 3709 Royal Crest Dr
FWPD#60122099 10/18/2006 2236 Harassment 3709 Royal Crest Dr

3712 Arnold Street Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Jamica Howard
FWPD#70017607 02/14/2007 2100 Harassment 3712 Arnold Dr

3712 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Charlie M Singleton

3713 Arnold Street Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Janice Davis 817-478-3921
FWPD#50102724 08/16/2005 0757 Criminal Mischief 3713 Arnold Dr

3713 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Carlos & Maricela Jimenez

3716 Arnold Street Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Steven & Jacqueli Williams 817-478-4501
817 478 7581

3716 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Lorenzo Avila 817-478-2325

3717 Arnold Street Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Ivan & Sara Gomez

3717 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Brenda Bagby

3720 Arnold Street Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Carresa Jean Vogel Nickerson

3721 Arnold Street Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Bobbie W Glaze 817-478-9796

3724 Arnold Street Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Ivra Polk

3725 Arnold Street Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Sebastian & Maria Avelar

3733 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Albert Patrick O’Connor
3413 Oak Leaf Dr. Burleson, Tx 76028

3800 Arnold Street Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Linda Sue Jackson

3801 Arnold Street Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Jose Luis Oviedo
6008 Vermillion Street Fort Worth, Tx 76119

3801 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Gregory Wayne Wadley

3804 Arnold Street Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Reynaldo & Enedelia Gonzalez

3804 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Oscar & Brenda Valdez 817-483-2794
FWPD#60112639 09/26/2006 2149 Juvenile Runaways 3804 Royal Crest Dr

3805 Arnold Street Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Leslie Wayne McDonald 817-561-9169

3805 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Elijah & Valedine Burnett 817-478-3619

3808 Arnold Street Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Robert D Wells 817-483-2295
FWPD#50101155 08/12/2005 0835 Burglary Building 3808 Arnold Dr

3808 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Cassandra Cooper

3809 Arnold Street Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Ralph & Verna Bonk 817-483-1010
FWPD#50116418 09/16/2005 2215 Burglary Vehical 3809 Arnold Dr

3809 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Oscar & Edna C Turner 817-563-1044

3812 Arnold Street Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Stephany Kay Fischer 817-563-6817
FWPD#5085283 07/16/2005 2130 Theft 3812 Arnold Dr Elliott, Earl
FWPD#5085283 07/17/2005 1000 Theft 3812 Arnold Dr Elliott, Earl

3812 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Bridgett R Harris 817-563-5428
FWPD#50100902 08/11/2005 1631 Assault C 3812 Royal Crest Dr
FWPD#60105981 09/11/2006 2259 Public Intoxication 3812 Royal Crest Dr

3813 Arnold Street Fort worth, Tx 76140 George E & Lois A Collum 817-483-6629

3813 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Robert E Brown 817-561-5407

3816 Arnold Street Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Edward & Marita

3816 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Carlos & Olga Sandoval

3817 Aronld Street Fort worth, Tx 76140 Ella Taylor Montgomery
5640 Maceo Lane , Fort Worth, Tx 76140

3817 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Douglas A Barrett

3821 Arnold Street Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Gale Linda Mims 817-478-4912

3821 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Billie & Sylvester Hammond 817-483-7221

3824 Arnold Street Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Roderick & J Johnson

3824 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Meryl Smith

3825 Arnold Street Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Artie W Russell 817-483-1595

3825 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Tommy L Crockett

3828 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Luis Barrios

3829 Arnold Street Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Kendall & Paige Killian
5137 Bryce Ave, Fort Worth, Tx 76107
FWPD#5074721 06/23/2005 0610 Theft 3829 Arnold Dr / Williams, Lorraine

3829 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Martin & Maria E Hernandez

3900 Arnold Street Fort Worth,Tx 76140 Craig Fields
FWPD#70011954 01/31/2007 1836 Burglary Of Habitation 3900 Arnold Dr
FWPD#5074805 06/23/2005 1200 Theft 3900 Arnold Dr / Fields, Craig V

3900 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Lyle A & Joyce Martin

3901 Arnold Street Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Ochuko P & Willena Mukoro

3901 Royal Crest drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Marian R France
8109 Hosta Way Fort Worth, Tx 76123
FWPD#60109407 09/19/2006 1612 Assault with Bodily Injury 3901 Royal Crest Dr

3904 Royal Crest Drive Fort worth, Tx 76140 Scott R Davidson Family LP
2620 W Arkansas Ln Arlington, Tx 76016 817-274-3666

3905 Arnold Street Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Sandra Lee Wood 817-478-2351

3905 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Jesus D & Anacani G Macias
909 Church Hill Drive Saginaw, Tx 76131 817-232-5748

3908 Arnold Street Fort Worth, Tx 76140 J V & Geneva Curry
1500 Highland Oaks Drive Keller, Tx 76248

3908 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Texas 76140 Diane T. Baldwin
FWPD#5073770 06/21/2005 0300 Curfew Violation 3908 Royal Crest Dr / Stipp, P D 329

3909 Arnold Street Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Adlai Pennington
1375 Gilman Road Fort Worth, Tx 76140

3909 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Johnny Ruiz Corpus Jr

3913 Arnold Street Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Bridget & Eric Slater

3913 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Geraldine Polk

3916 Arnold Street Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Charita R Franklin

3916 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Michael L Dawson 817-561-1944
1808 Muse Street Fort Worth, Tx 76112

3917 Arnold Street Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Joe J & Juanita Frausto

3917 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Dean & Sharhonda Morgan

3920 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Ramon Rosales
7316 Meadows Drive N Fort Worth, Tx 76140

3921 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Jose A Vega

3924 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Terry Rine
3514 Sheffield Ct Arlington, Tx 76013 817 275-3495

3925 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Humberto & Maria Beserra
FWPD#5077265 6/23/2005 Theft 3925 Royal Crest Dr / Zapata, Maria

3928 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Levanne Williams
10836 Middleglen Road Haslet, Tx 76052

3929 Royal Crest Drive Fort Worth, Tx 76140 Willie Clarence Jones Jr

The address below is where they moved an assault victim. I could hear them through the microwave hearing crap assaulting a couple females, one was yelling to call her father the other yelling they were at the corner, and when I went out to look this is where I found them across the street at the trailer park. the resident has since sold his trailer and resides in Burleson, Tx.
FWPD#50114122 09/12/2005 0333 Assault 7700 Forest Hill Dr #131 / Chris Montgomery owner.